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When you're ready to sell a project, what you need most are buyers that are ready to go. The Developer Growth EngineTM offers you a fast, efficient option with some distinct advantages.

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With the Developer Growth Engine, you won't be forced to sell off your project early to a larger player. Because Empower will work with you. And the longer you remain in the game, the better your return.


An Answer Quickly

Your project will be evaluated efficiently using a well-established set of criteria. So you'll get an answer quickly, whether you're shopping a small project, a large project, or a multi-project pipeline.

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Gorilla Tactics

Everyone knows what happens when you have to negotiate with the gorilla in the room. The Developer Growth Engine gives you another option... and one that you might prefer.

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Competitive Rates

With the Developer Growth Engine, not only will you get competitive rates and simple pay-out terms... That's expected... you may also get a great deal more flexibility.


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Balance Sheet

(For a Change)

With the Developer Growth Engine, you may even have the option to stay in the project longer as co-developer, riding our balance sheet, and sharing in the value you continue to create.

Protect Your Baby

Your project is your baby. You'll want to find a good home for the project you deliver, not just a financial warehouse somewhere. Empower Energies is a developer, too. We know the value you build in a project, and we understand project challenges right down to our boots-on-the-ground. So when you're ready, give us a 'go'.

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The Developer Growth Engine gives you unique, efficient, single-source access to a full-spectrum of financial services from project concept to commissioning and beyond.

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